Day 14: Home

Home is wherever I’m at. Wherever I lay my head. Where there’s laughter. And food. And wine. Stories of the past and present. The latest gossip on our family members. Hugs from friends you haven’t seen in years. The smell of lavender. And lemongrass. Sunday sorbet on a sugar cone. Music. And in the spirit of travellers.

I’m going to miss living here. Torquay Street is an interesting place to live in. One day I really will write about this place. Funding or no funding. 

Pretend Or Let Go

Someone just told me to leave all my sorrow
If that is true, I don’t know who to be
Could be these troubles are part of the plan
Could be we need the bad just to take a chance
So I forgive what was taken from me
I will be free from the picture you paint, you see.
Tell them:”These troubles are out of your hands”
Tell them: “You’re free to use them to clap and dance” – Pretend by Seinabo Sey



Lessons, unlearning

Trust no-one

You are not enough

You will never be enough

It doesn’t matter how hard you work

You will never be enough

Once they know the real me they’ll hate me then leave me 

You are fractured

You can’t be fixed

Learn to live your life broken

Therapy is for cowards

They just tolerate you ’cause they have to

They’ll always like him more than you


You’re a bitch

No-one will ever see you if you’re not the best

Humiliation is justified if you fail

Never grieve

Never show weakness 

Cry only when you’re by yourself

Shut up 

Keep your head down

Walk fast

If you must talk, make it brief then shut up and look down

You will never step out of the shadows

They don’t get it

They don’t get me

I’m not sure they even like me really

You talk over people

Your passion is misplaced

Keep the details to yourself 

You’re not as good as they think

Look the other way

You’re a disappointment 

Trust no-one

You’ll always feel alone

Don’t burden people with your mood swings 

Don’t burden people with your problems

Don’t burden people 

Don’t burden


Nobody cares

Stay invisible

Nobody sees you anyway