Day 13: Forgotten

1. I don’t remember what my ankle looked like without my scar. I don’t even remember how I got this scar. But it is a part of me. It gives me character. 

2. How to live and not just survive. To be engulfed by silence for days. To meditate without fearing the voices. To be wanted more than to be needed.  To invest in ourselves. To choose ourselves. To normalize ourselves. To be enough. To feel enough. To love unconditionally and to be loved the same.

3. To love without fear.



Equated with fear
Supposed energy drainer
“Possessor of evil”

A negative force
The colour of grief

They hate and fear your power
Cause you make stars shine
Attract and absorb colour.

The sun fuels you, but burns them.

Day 1: Things We Carry

The universe between our fingers
Unfinished poems
Political statements
Other people’s perceptions

Childhood wounds
Lost loves
Our ideal selves
Family well-beings
Lost heritage

Society’s dreams
Broken hearts
Our bodies
Painful reminders

To-do Lists