Day 26: Song

My boyfriend once told me that I would make a good A&R person. Because of my ear for music. To which I replied: “I didn’t know they still had A&R people.”

I just wanna write great songs.
If I had a high(er) self-esteem, I would have become a musician. Perhaps a broke one. Or I would get frustrated with the industry and change careers. Who knows anymore?


Pretend Or Let Go

Someone just told me to leave all my sorrow
If that is true, I don’t know who to be
Could be these troubles are part of the plan
Could be we need the bad just to take a chance
So I forgive what was taken from me
I will be free from the picture you paint, you see.
Tell them:”These troubles are out of your hands”
Tell them: “You’re free to use them to clap and dance” – Pretend by Seinabo Sey




“There are a lo…

“There are a lot of ways to become an old man. But the quickest is to stop caring about new shit. Not new ideas because there is no such thing. But music, technology, fashion. I’m a walking fossil. What turned me into an old man was that around the time I got sent up, everything started to get whacker and whacker in the real world. Especially music. So I just gave up on caring….” – The Lord Giveth (Audiobook) featuring. GZA (J. Period, Rage is Back)