Day 21: Everybody

Everybody should know:
Their purpose in life. If not, then they should define it
That we are not all equal.
And we should stop pretending we are.

We should know to file taxes
And earn multiple incomes
To see the system for what it really is
And try to survive it
Or change it. (And fully accept which ever choice)

That sometimes the cover version (or the remix) is better than the original.
And that’s ok

That the many shades of blackness are all valid and complete

Life can take you down the very path you swore you’d never walk
And you become the very person you once judged.

That you cannot expect decorum from anger.
Much like grief, there is no formula.
No right or wrong. It just is.

That all your friends can be your best friends
And they can have other best friends that aren’t you
And that’s somehow ok.
Somehow it works

Everybody should be enough
As they are
With whatever they have.


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