Day 20: Supermarket

I hate grocery shopping.

Ok, I don’t hate grocery shopping. I just find all shopping tedious to be honest. But I can tolerate grocery shopping for the most part. My routine is always the same. Drive the trolley with my right hand, phone in the left hand scrolling through the list. Mind overactive; dreaming and calculating. I stare at all the food. Things I’ll never buy. Things I can’t afford. I imagine myself as a professional chef (thank you Food Channel and BBC Lifestyle). I create dishes in my head. Cooking is a creative process. That’s why I hate it. Someone walks past me. I reluctantly come down from my high. I remember why I’m here. I feel a little sad. Then grab some avocados.

As I said to a friend of mine sometime ago: “I can’t wait until I can go shopping without counting pennies.”


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