Day 19: Walk Away

“I can’t believe you think this is a good idea.” She leaned back into her chair and folded her arms. “Like…you’re seriously considering this.”
A silence lay between them, despite the sound of cars driving past and random conversations from nearby tables.
“Yes, I think there’s something there. I think it’s im-”
“But it isn’t your story TO TELL! I don’t understand why you would even call me here to…to hijack my story basically. And pass it off as your own just so you can sound fresh and relevant to the scene.”
“You’re taking this the wrong way.”
“How am I supposed to take it?!”
“Look. I’m not hijacking your story. I just think it needs to be shared. And since you won’t do it…”
“Are you kidding me?! WON’T DO IT?!”
“Keep your voice down.”
More silence. Then finally she said: “You know what? I need a fucking drink. You need to buy me a fucking drink ’cause you are stressing me the fuck out right now.”
He got up to buy her a drink. She watched him walk away then clicked her tongue in anger. “Fucking poets.”


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