For Lindiwe…

A few months from now, someone will enter your life and make you question everything about it. She’s abrasive, but you’ll like her. Because she’s honest. She reminds you of what your life could’ve been if you’d had a different upbringing. She’ll make you reflect on yourself. You guys will grow close. You’ll get attached. She’ll be your best friend. She’ll leave after a year. You’ll cry over it. But you’ll email each other. You’ll lose touch. But you meet again years later and it’ll feel like she never left.

– Extract from Letter To My 16 Year Old Self


Thank you for being the above to me.

Thank you for making me question myself, for getting me to moisturise my feet. Thank you for being part of the “sexy 4”. For introducing me to The Roots. Thank you for letting me be your unofficial assistant editor for Chiasmus. Thank you for staying in touch when you were not busy.

Thank you for being brave. For being a revolutionary feminist. Thank you for being a fierce, proud black woman. Because “imperialist white- supremacist capitalist patriarchy”.

Thank you ad infinitum , Dr Lindiwe Diana Makhunga. You are at peace.



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