Day 28: A Beautiful Mind

[Warning: Possible spoiler alerts]

I love the movie that is A Beautiful Mind. The documentary of course gives the true story way more depth. For one, Alicia and John get divorced and she takes care of him despite this (they remarry many years later) even though in the movie they are portrayed as remaining together throughout his dealing with his schizophrenia. Two…nah let me not. Just watch the movie. It’s long as fuck, but watch it. Then find the documentary on Youtube.

This movie (and story) gives me hope because…To have somebody stick with you through all your ups and downs throughout your life. To have somebody get you like that and understand the methods in your madness whether it’s a significant other or friend or whatever…To have that?! Yeah. When I am much older, I wanna be chilling on the balcony, having a drink and be like: “Man, we went through some shit hey? Remember *insert year and/or narrative*”



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