Days 24 and 25: Uneasy

 The dis-ease, the discomfort and the disruption of 2015 has unraveled my safety net. 

When I think about the things that I have normalized about myself and about the society I live in…When I go as deep as I can go, I see that to be me most times is to feel unsafe.

It reminds me of the man who threatened to follow me home and rape me (if he knew where I lived). And how I got home shaken and changed routes after that. Of the man who grabbed my arm as I was walking to ask me for my number…And how my first thought was to not upset him because I want to stay alive. These things cannot hurt me now, I thought. Until I woke up to #RapeAtAzania.

Because you carry the world and the black man to his greatness.

But black woman, you remain on your own.


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