Day 12: Never Enough

It’s not enough anymore
To just write poems.
You have to also perform them.
Because publishers won’t touch you
If you don’t have some sort of relevance in the “industry”
And people pay you no attention if you’re not itching for the spotlight in some way.

It’s never enough to just create an album
You have to go on tour.
Sign endorsement deals and whatnot
Coz that’s where the money is apparently.
Plus, you have to pay back the label’s expenses.
Since sales alone aren’t enough
If you’re indie you need the performances
To live essentially
But also for relevance
Coz who are you really if nobody knows you.

We’re encouraged to be brands.
To be human is to be a business.
It’s to push products
To break even
Because forget what you heard
Commodified creatives are the real ones now

Economics runs this here Art.
The only law that counts is contract.
Best to get on with that SWOT analysis then
Before you pass your prime.


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