Day 8: My Gift, Your Gift

I will never ever in my life apologise for being exposed to diversity from an early age. This is most likely the second best thing my parents ever did for me. (The first being that they never gave me and my siblings English names) I learnt that there are many people who live very different lives from my own and that they should never be judged, disrespected, undermined or oppressed for that. I learnt from age 4 that my world did not equate to the whole world.

My curiosity to explore outside of my immediate environment got me into trouble regularly. I got an ass whopping once for joining a(n anti-Apartheid) protest with a childhood friend and not telling anyone where we were going. We kinda got caught up in the moment. I was spotted by a family friend and involuntarily driven home. It turned out my parents had been frantically looking for me. I think I was about 5 or 6 years old.

The good thing about growing up around from people of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, races, from different cities, countries on this continent and around the world (I had a friend from Nepal) is that apart from my anxiety, I generally have no issue interacting with people who aren’t like me. The “bad” thing about this is that there are people who always try to place me. And when they can’t place me somewhere, they deem me unworthy and dismiss me…



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