Layer 1

I’m a walking contradiction
Like the next human being.
What I whisper to myself,
 I never say.
And what I say never quite comes out right.

As I embark on this 30 day challenge,
So it’s this 30 day thing today.
I feel ready to test my creativity.
Maybe I should just delete the previous blogpost
To combine it with discipline
Act like I never shared it.
So I can grow.
No-one will remember anyway right?

With enough practice, I might gain enough courage
I mean, it’s less than an hour till the end of the day
To finally start writing that novel.
And if this first day is anything to go by
Besides, if I am able to write everyday,
Then the next 29 might be a struggle.
I could one day turn this blog into a business.
And I hate struggling.
Make it profitable.
So I wonder
But for now
At this very moment right now
Baby steps.
Why bother with the baby steps?


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