November Writing Challenge


I will be starting this 30 day writing challenge tomorrow, where for every day of November I will have to write something based on the above writing prompts. Feel free to join and share your work. πŸ™‚


Why the South African government is still protecting apartheid racketeers

Censorship anyone?


Sylvia VollenhovenThis is a truly amazing story – involving billions of dollars.

It leaves one asking, why on earth the present South African government is so determined to protect apartheid era sanctions-busters?

The story goes something like this. During the apartheid years, several South African and foreign banks were involved in busting sanctions imposed by the international community.

Some – including the bank that is now called Absa – got into difficulties, and were bailed out by the Reserve Bank. So far so good.

In 1994 the ANC comes to power under Nelson Mandela and starts looking at the books, only to discover that this money is still outstanding.

It asks a British investigative firm to look into the matter. The firm – Ciex – discovers that squillions are still owed to the South African government.

In fact, according to the Cape Town based investigative magazine, Noseweek, these are the…

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Through the blood, sweat and fears

Through the sleepless nights 

Through the unclear mind

Through the fleeting smiles and brief laughs

Through the weight of others’ success

Courage, dear heart, for the tears that never fall

For the crippling loneliness

For the migraines and aching body

For the lack of understanding and support

For you

For your growth

Courage despite

In spite