About A Carrot…

You are showing me how to live in the present.

Unknown futures always determined my present and as a result I am always forward-thinking; unable to relax and just be (present). Things go wrong when you get too comfortable. I must be prepared for anything. I must stay alert at all times.

I am learning to trust in my abilities. Not to entertain the hypothetical too much. To believe (and ultimately know) that I will figure it out when the time comes.

You remind me always to count the small victories. To take (deep) breaths. Eat that slice of cake if I want it. Buy that jacket/CD/book and not feel guilty about it. To talk. Sleep when I’m tired. To take stock of my achievements. Allow for all self-expression regardless of the outcome.

You tell me to appreciate myself always, but it’s hard. I worry too much about others. I put them before me. They’ll never know how much.

I carry residual guilt, suppressed grief, unhealed wounds, voids, low self-esteem and general insecurities. And we deal with these together in our own ways.

It’s difficult to be strong all the time. I need off days too. Life is heavy. Laughter helps us. Other things too. Private things. 😉

My mirror, my kindred spirit, my ultimate homie, my twin-flame, fellow bibliophile, my coffee-drinking partner. You carry me. And I you. And we make sure we’re never down at the same time. Pillars to each other. With each other.

You think I’m the coolest person you’ve ever known. And I’ll never get why. But that’s ok. I accept it regardless


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