My Poetry Ain’t Shit

[Inspired by Poetra Asantewa]

My poetry ain’t shit

It will not give me multiple orgasms

It will not pay my bills

It will not hug me to sleep or wake me up with freshly brewed coffee

My poetry will not write this thesis

It will not make me popular or gain me new friends

It will not remove the cellulite from my butt

It will not get me freebies

It will not do my groceries, buy me clothes or cook me dinner

My poetry will not sustain the environment

Or bring world peace

It won’t raise your vibrational energy or alter our collective consciousness

It will not end racism or emancipate us economically

It might make you laugh a bit

But you’ll be long over it when you get to the end

My poetry will leave you hanging

It will disappoint you

Make you yearn for better

Make you wish this bitch would shut her damn mouth and stop complaining

You will compare it to someone else’s

It won’t make you love me, but it will make me feel a bit better

When I write it

© Unathi Nopece


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