Day 2: In between


Yesterday, shuffle played me heartache and melancholy

And today it played all our songs.

One after the other

And it hurt like mad.

I wore your favourite skirt not knowing I would see you later.

I wore a new colour lipstick because why not.

And I taught a highly opinionated group of students.


Amidst my trying to figure out what this is or where we are, I remembered.

I remembered why you’re my homie.

And it’s always in the little things.

Like how you say left when you actually mean right.

How you alert me to books and coffee

How you move your hands when you talk.


How your eyes get wider when you’re excited and happy.


How you offered me your blue lollipop and I declined.

Because blue is your favourite colour.



And I found me.

I remembered me-

Loner me.

Lurker me.

Smart me.

Happy me.

Curious me-

In a bookshop, drinking wine with strangers.

Bonding over non-conformity.

© Unathi Nopece


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