New Year, new tings, still me.

January has thankfully ended and like some (or many) of you, I am relieved. January always just seems to drag on forever and ever whether or not you’re broke. As relieved as I am that January is over, I am equally nervous and anxious and my mind is just all over the place. The relaxing holiday that I had hoped for, I never really got. But I have learnt so much from it. I gained a family, realised that some things about myself with always stay the same and was once again forced to confront recurring issues…..


I haven’t confronted any of these recurring issues because…well I’m an emotional procrastinator. But after Carrot’s complaints about my no longer posting notes on facebook as well as life events (such as turning 30 in August, new job, studies), I figured maybe I should start writing again. For my own sanity at least. So that is the goal (not resolution) for this year. To write more and take it from there. There are a lot of things I need to reflect on and re-evaluate. Mostly stuff about my character and my purpose on this earth. So, many of my posts will be of a reflective nature. Yes, it’s rather indulgent but it is after all my blog and I can do what I want with it, so…. 🙂

Till the next post then.

Keep well. x


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