I couldn’t really mourn Mandela because in all honesty, what difference is one more drop in an ocean?


I’ll be right back….

In the words of Brandy from her Focus song….

“Should anybody ask for me
Tell ’em I’ll be right back
In a real short time,
It’s just that I lost my mind
Gotta find it.

But once I hop on my train of thought
I’ll get back here, pronto
To collect myself
There’s really nothing you can do to help.”


Open Letter to Afrikan Sisters

As written by Nathi Xinwa (click here for blog)

The very world we occupy is built and harvested on the backs of Afrikan Sisters. Make no mistake, Sister, to think yourself so lowly to be a double-minority.

When we speak of this as the Motherland, you are implicated as the mother who has not only birthed mankind but raised it over centuries. So pay no mind Sister to those who walk on your back to get one up on you; for sometimes the learner believes themselves to be the teacher. But of course, in the face of this upside-down double-minority world we live in I, as Brother to all Sisters, ask that we talk a few things over.

Beauty defines the very nature of feminine, thus Woman is about beauty. Nothing else. This is the gospel you’ve been made to believe, which is an obvious lie. Feminine defines the nature of beauty. Woman is the living breathing word. She is beauty, not in looks or clothes or even money. Woman is beauty in doing, in living and being. She defines it, not the other way around. How sad it is to see you Sisters so beautiful; hidden under thick applications of self-hatred. Busy chasing beauty when you already have it.

And that is what Afrikan Men need to raze this broken system to the ground and raise this ruined continent to its full glory; Beautiful Afrikan Women. Equals in this never-ending fight to have a home. But life is hard for a Sister out there, everyone knows it. Each day tests your strength, but surviving is not enough. Stating facts and making (legitimate) excuses won’t change anything for the better. No one else is going to Mother all the nations because, no one else can. If you are the fortunate daughter of Afrika, you are in turn mother to her children. If you do not take ownership of your part in things, there is no one who can. Instead decisions will be made about you, conversations spoken without you and your children massacred in spite of you.

But then love in all its nakedness has perhaps been used to do the most damage to you. From boys and men who only know how to love with their body to twisted, incomplete reflections of self. Your pursuit for love has led you to an incredible state of self-hate. Many times you’ve not found peace within and sought it outside. Truly Sister the universe is remade in you. There is no greater truth than that you’ll find within and there is no greater lover either.

With love,
from an Afrikan Man.