“Materialism: T…

“Materialism: The doctrine that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications.”


18 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Thought Catalog

1. You complain about your body or face and everyone around you rolls their eyes.

2. You obsess over a tiny pimple no one is noticing, because you almost never have skin problems.

3. One piece of hair won’t do what you want and you think everyone is looking at it.

4. You make some headway on a project you’re working on but beat yourself up that you didn’t finish it or do as much as you’d have liked to. Some people haven’t done anything productive today.

5. You make a little mistake but it’s fixable and not a disaster and you learned a valuable lesson from it.

6. You worry about not having enough friends, but if you even have one close friend you love and trust and who loves and trusts you, you’re doing better than a lot of lonely people.

7. You could afford a cup of…

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Once Is Enough

Thought Catalog

Once is enough to see your parents cry. Watching their eyes grow glossy as streaks of tears drip down their sunken-in cheeks as your stomach grows completely hollow. The people who raised you are now stripped with nothing but their vulnerability. Being strong is the only option you have left.

Once is enough to be cheated on. The seed of trust you planted, watered, and gave light to has become rotted with betrayal. You find it unbearable to even think about constructing this idea of faith with someone completely new and different. It’s wiping yourself completely naked and risking your stitched up heart once again.

Once is enough to break up with a friend. Memories have grown gray and their face appears foreign. It’s painful to try and forget the effortless comfort you mutually shared. When your trust wilted from a loved one’s disloyalty, at least you had your best…

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