Teenage Travels….

You were married to a black woman. An African woman and….I remember our conversation in the car that one day on my way home when I was a teenager when you said that….that you strongly believed that everybody in this country should learn and know English and all African languages should only ever be used in a social context. It doesn’t undermine the other languages in any way, you emphasized. “They can still maintain their languages,” you said. And I remember suddenly feeling so uncomfortable as a 17 year old and I never understood why until now. Because if you as a white English-speaking man can marry a Xhosa woman for many years and have children with her and STILL not get it then I dunno…..I just don’t know……


2 thoughts on “Teenage Travels….

  1. I came across your blog today in search for blogs about Xhosa. Why? I had a profoundly emotional experience yesterday (which I shared on my blog). The experience moved me to learn Xhosa and I am starting my journey today. I love this post and you put it. I think sometimes people will never “get it”, no matter what the circumstances. PS I am following you now, and look forward to reading more!

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