Creative Backlog

I am creatively backlogged. As a writer, my mind is filled with so many ideas and so many things to do that it feels clogged/blocked/whatever you wanna call it. For reasons unknown to me yet, I just can’t write them all down. But they keep coming. I never stop getting ideas.  Everyday I wake up and I hope that I will not be inspired. That I will get no ideas. So that I can spend more time trying to find the plug so I can pull it…and unclog my mind.

I have watched many deadlines pass me by. I have felt guilty because I have been unable to meet them. I am also a perfectionist. Perhaps this plays a big part in why I haven’t been able to follow through with my ideas. I check everything over and over again. Which makes me a good editor, but…

So to my few followers, I apologise. I will get it right. I promise. But for now, the best that I can do is post the fragments of writing I have written until I get my groove back. (Of course the perfectionist in me will make these fragments seem whole.) Watch this space.


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