Doing Something Important

“Maybe I’m doing nothing, just running through a film in my mind
Or listening to cars outside on the street
Then there will be a voice in my head
The voice comes and she says
Shouldn’t you be doing something important
Cause look at you sitting through time and time running through you
And away with you
And what have you got to show for your time
But I don’t know…
All I know is I didn’t worry about showing anything for my time
Before I asked myself that question why…”



4 thoughts on “Doing Something Important

  1. i found myself faced with the same question 2days ago. cant use material ‘things’ as proof of time well lived, eventually they break, i lose them, i give them away, they bore me. Can the quality of my thoughts, the lives I’ve touched show you how I’ve used my time?! I don’t know…….

    1. It should be that way. But somehow there’s the belief that you have to have physical things to show for your character, achievements etc. And if you don’t have those things then you’re not really…well, worth anything. It should be person first, things second. But that’s just me. 🙂

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